Top questions to ask before buying the right breakdown cover

At the wee hours of night, when you are stuck with your family at some lonely road with bad weather and have some party to attend or maybe an urgent flight to catch, choosing the perfect breakdown cover is quintessential for your car. No matter whether you are stuck in middle of the road or amidst bad weather, the cover will make all the difference. Here are the questions you need to answer before choosing the right breakdown cover-

Will the scheme cover the driver or the vehicle?

There are numerous households that have more than one car. It is essential that you select a breakdown cover scheme that covers all the cars as well as the driver. Those that cover only one car can be touted as false economy. 

What happens in case of vehicle breakdown? 

There are service providers who have prompt call centres that can assist you in times of emergency. They can take your details and arrange mechanics to repair your car as soon as possible. 

What if it doesn’t get fixed? 

If such is the situation, it is the best time to seek recovery cost. Under the recovery policy, mostly it is stated that the car will be towed to the nearest garage or your home. The distance is stated in the cover. 

If your used cars get damaged in a far-away location and face adverse weather condition, there are high chances that the service provider you have opted for breakdown cover will not turn up. This is because they have a clause for location and distance. On the other hand, there are some service providers such as Southampton Cars Limited that offer extensive services to the customers, and can warranty used cars as well. With years of experience, we are one of the best in the industry. We offer competitive pricing and first class customer service. If you have any related queries, do call us today