The Untold benefits of an HPI check

You can take a used car on a test drive, see how the engines work and how the body looks, but, that’s all you’ll ever know unless you get run it through a free HPI check. Buying used cars is a great idea but before you buy a car from anybody, checking the vehicle through HPI is a must because it can tell you much more than what can be seen, heard or tested.

An HPI check can tell you if the car is encumbered

What do you know about the car that you are planning to buy? Aside from how all the parts are functioning, most people rarely take the time to know more about what they are buying. One of the biggest risks to used car buyers are cars which have outstanding finance. Roughly 24% of cars searched through HPI are found to be subject to outstanding finance. The buyer will never own the vehicle while it is being used as collateral As long as it isn’t paid for in full, your car is never truly yours.HPI check lets a buyer know if a car they are interested in is stolen

Stolen vehicles abound in many used car shops and buyers who have no idea that the vehicle that they are planning to buy is stolen, are headed for big trouble. Every day, approximately 30 vehicles are identified as stolen through HPI check. When you buy a stolen car, you run the risk, not just of losing the vehicle, but also losing the money that you paid for it. So, no matter how you look at it, you always lose when you buy a stolen car.

Cloned cars can be identified through a free HPI check

Cloning cars is one of the most rampant illegal activities today as it is one of the means to disguise that a car is stolen. Cloning is similar to identity theft as the stolen car assumes the identity of a legitimate car to make it appear that it is not stolen. However, people who purchase these cars still run the risk of losing the car along with the money they paid for it.

Discover clocked mileage with HPI check

Several cars checked through HPI are found to have mileage discrepancy. Unless correct servicing schedules are maintained, the vehicle can have serious mechanical failures and you will spend more money for repairs when you end up with a vehicle.

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