Important Tips For Buying a Low Mileage Car

When a vehicle gets older its condition worsens. It is totally dependent on the usage. You must know that  having a low mileage cars will definitely run flawlessly for 5 years provided that it wasn’t involved in any accident. This is the reason people investing in second hand cars should go for low mileage cars. 

What is a low mileage car?

Vehicles which have run for more than 200000 miles are supposed to be worn out and you shouldn’t be investing in that. A low mileage car must run less than 100000 miles, hence making it worthy of an investment. 

What are the points you need to know before buying a low mileage car?


• It is normal for high mileage cars to get corrosion due to friction. It becomes severe with higher mileage. Even if you are taking care of a car in an adequate way it is bound to get deteriorated sooner or later. The lifespan of a car gets shortened with corrosion. 

• You will notice that a vehicle with higher mileage costs less than a low mileage one. To put it in simple words a car’s price depreciates with the increasing mileage. 

• Don’t go for a vehicle if it has low mileage but has been involved in accidents before. It does not indicate the car’s true condition.There are frauds that go to the extent of changing the car’s odometer to quote a higher price. This is the reason you shouldn’t go for a car’s appearance and check it thoroughly before buying. 

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